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Aristotelis Society of Halkidiki, mission, to help forge the traditional amicable ties of friendship and cooperation amongst the members of the Society, in order to organize cultural events for the preservation of our heritage, language, history, religion and customs.

for those from Halkidiki in the United States & Canada, and their family
MEMBERS... We are in the process of creating an e-mail list of all of the Society's members with e-mail accounts. In the future (the near future) we plan to send the Society's letters through e-mail, a more efficient and economically feasible way than our current method: the post office. Stamps, envelopes and the such cost the Society over a thousand dollars a year. This money could be used in much more productive ways. So, if you are a member, please enter your name and e-mail address below, and become a part of our e-mail list:
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